About Us

The shore, trolls, elves and northern lights

Wonderful, quiet and unique place to stay.

Housed in a renovated farmhouse, Vatnsholt’s restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a rustic setting. The menu offers regional specialties made with locally sourced ingredients including the on site lake.

Country activities

As you could noticed, horses and sheeps are on Iceland almost everywhere. But horse riding is not only activity, which you can do here. Try kayaking on lake, dog sledding or relax in nature Secret lagoon.

Charming rooms

There is nothing better, than after long day of travel, end in your warm and cosy room in the middle of nature. Get a warm coffee and enjoy the calmness at our farm, watching horses or (if you are lucky) northern lights.

Enjoy and relax

You can maybe prefer the night life of Reykjavik, but because of light polution, you will hardly see some northern lights. That is the reason, why is our hotel so visited in the winter. Hotel Vatnsholt stays in the middle of nowhere, far away from cities, so if there is any chance, northern lights will appear in the sky, you will see them at our place.

Explore Iceland

Our farmhouse hotel Vansholt is placed in the middle of most beautiful and famous places on Iceland. Travel one hour to east and you will get amazing views on waterfalls, black beach or wreck of plane DC3. Drive opposite direction to north-west, you´ll get to national park Thingvellir, huge waterfall Gulfoss or geysir Strokur.

  • Free wifi

    We believe that when a hotel advertises free WiFi, they should provide travelers with a fast and reliable connection. You can use free Wifi connection in all our rooms and we offer hotspots in main building as well.

  • Restaurant

    Vatnsholt is a lovely farm hotel with an excellent restaurant where anyone can enjoy a meal. The restaurant is situated in the old quarters of the house which once housed a hey -and cow barn but has been converted into a wonderful, high-ceiling open space restaurant and bar.